What Are the Factors for Choosing the Best Lacrosse Stick?

The lacrosse is a casual game which makes many people start playing it without any issues. The sport which is famous for tackling the ball with the help of lacrosse sticks is driving many people crazily forward to play this game. It is played both as indoor and outdoor game which helps people to start playing it more actively. The lacrosse sticks are essential to play a perfect game without any issues.

Types of games

There are four types of games in lacrosse which are specified below

  • Men’s field lacrosse
  • Women’s field lacrosse
  • Box lacrosse
  • Intercrosse

These are the four types of games which are used in lacrosse. Most of the people love to play their set of games. One of the basic equipment for playing this game is lacrosse sticks.

Finding the best lacrosse sticks is not a hard part. Most of the women’s game will not allow body contact, but they are allowed for stick contacts. It is essential for people to know about the stick before buying the right one. Here are some of the tips which are far useful for buying the stick.

The head of the stick must be wide enough to catch the ball.

The narrow channel helps to handle the ball so easily.

For all these reasons and beyond these reasons, lacrosse sticks are used. Since the game has got four different options. There are four types of lacrosse sticks for people.

Parts of a lacrosse stick

The stick has got three main parts which help the player to pass the ball or get points. The three parts are

  • Loosely woven
  • Hardwood or aluminum handle
  • Head of the stick

These are the important parts of the stick. A well-versed player will surely know how to handle the stick to pass the ball or take it to a positive approach. The sticks differ from one people to another. Everybody has got their style of handling the sticks which are better for them.

Beginners should be given a lightweight stick which can be easy to handle, and midfielders will be performing in a fast mode where there are in need of proper sticks which are strong and hard to pass the ball quickly.

The defenders must have sticks with deep heads to stop the ball from getting into the other side of the team. Goalies sticks are usually bigger than any others because they are the ones who stop the unstoppable balls. The goalie’s sticks are constructed in a natural form of high width and holding just to catch the ball more easily.

Men’s lacrosse stick

The width of the lacrosse stick which is used by men is about 4 to 10 inches based on their ILF regulations. The lacrosse can be wide up to 6.5 inches to 10 inches according to NCAA and US Lacrosse rules. Goalies can use wooden lacrosse sticks which are up to the width of 15 inches. The goalie needs to catch the ball on right time, so he has given much eligibility for catching the ball.

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