Many of you are probably wondering where I have been in the past month. A lot has happened since I posted last but the long and short of things include going on the DL, rehabbing, getting stong mentally and….turning 30, which, to be honest, has not helped in getting mentally stronger!

I went on the DL about two weeks ago with a mild case of elbow tendonitis. It was a nagging irritation that I would have most likely been able to throw through but the best case scenario was to go on the DL and give it the rest it needed.

I took a few days of from throwing and started rehabbing the elbow with ice and heat treatment and some long tossing in between. I will throw off the mound today and I am looking forward to it a lot. I am anxious to get back into a game situation and finish the season strong.

Because I was on the DL, I didn’t travel with the team on last week’s road trip. I missed being a part of the team but maybe some distance between me and the field will be good.

Mentally, I have battled a lot. Baseball is as tough a mental game as it is physical. Often, you have to train yourself to be stronger mentally than physically to persevere through the tough stretches. My struggles in July were not anything I had ever been through before.

I had a fresh approach to each game I pitched in and somehow kept getting the same results. I talked to a few veteran pitchers I trust a lot and Jamie Moyer has been a huge influence on me.

He helped me stay focused on the positive things that were going right and helped me identify things I could improve on. His most helpful advice was to just be me. Not to try to over pitch but stick with what I know is successful for me. Sounds easy right?!?

Then came my birthday, the big 3-0! Brooke keeps telling me it is no big deal but I am not so sure! She keeps saying that I can’t think of myself as old yet, we have two kids under 4 and they are all energy! We spent the day hanging out at the pool and Brooke and I went to dinner at Morton’s.

My favorite is the Cajun Ribeye. Brooke was supposed to make me my favorite cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting) but she came down with a stomach virus and then the rest of us got it. I made my own cake and then couldn’t have any for two days.

Let me know any questions you have and I will try to answer them ASAP! GOD BLESS YOU!

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