Mike’s Mailbag -September 10

Greetings from a whirlwind road trip. We just finished a three-game series at Arizona, and we are in Chicago today (Monday) for just one day to play the Cubs in a makeup game. Then it’s off to Cincinnati for three games before we finally return home.

I want to thank everyone for all the questions, comments and support. Remember that you can continue to submit questions by e-mail to Maroth a CareerSports.com.

Now on to today’s questions:

1. (from Betsy in Toledo) When you make you off season home away from the city where your team is located, do you keep two homes or do players and their families rent for the season? Can wives and children travel along with the team during the season?

Most players own a house in the city where they make their offseason home. During the season, most will rent in the city of their team. My wife and I had actually purchased a townhome in Detroit even though we make our offseason home in Florida. Usually most players don’t buy a home in the city where they play because players are constantly moving from one team to another. Renting is easier because it does not require a long-term commitment.

As to your second question, the families of players can travel as much as they like during the season, but they can’t travel with the team. You have to make other travel arrangements for your family, but they are allowed to stay at the team hotel.

2. (from Brian in Wyandotte, Michigan) If I wanted to send you a baseball card to sign, where would I send it?

Anything for a player can be sent to the ballpark, and it will get delivered to us. I try to answer every piece of fan mail that I get during the season. Sometimes it may take a while (I still have a few things from Spring Training!), but I always make sure to take the time to respond to everyone who took the time to write me. You can send items to:

Mike Maroth
c/o St. Louis Cardinals
Busch Stadium
700 Clark St.
St. Louis, MO 63102

3. (from Phillip) I’m a Tigers fan. Do you think you will ever be a Tiger again?

You can certainly never rule it out, and it’s been done before. Todd Jones has played for the team on two separate occasions. My family and I loved living in Detroit and we would certainly consider going back there.

4. (from Nathan in Edmond, Oklahoma) Is it very difficult being a Christian on a Major League ballclub? And also, are there any other Christians playing for the Cardinals that you know of?

The hardest thing about being a Christian as a Major League Baseball player is that there constantly people around to serve you. Jesus was a servant, and he calls us to be a servant. It can be very difficult to keep that mentality with all the people that are around to serve the players. And yes, there are other believers on the team – Adam Wainwright, Albert Pujols and Braden Looper, among many others.

Thanks again for all the great questions, and I’ll be back to answer more very soon!

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